As a vital part of preparing the ground for any construction work, you will always need to be able to clear the land properly. If you are keen to try and do this and you are unsure about where to begin, it might be useful to know about some of the most popular land clearing techniques that you can use. 

As long as you have a good sense of these and how they work, you should find that you can make good use of them in your project. That will then mean that you will find much more success with your project.

4 Popular Land Clearing Techniques

Follow these techniques:

Cut & Grind Method

One of the most useful and most popular methods for clearing land is the cut and grind method. This is normally the go-to option when the land in question has a smaller number of trees, and it can only be carried out by the appropriate experts in land clearing. 

The tree removal professionals will remove brush and weeds, and then finally the trees themselves – upon which everything gets mulched. If you want the stumps removed too, which can often be useful but is not always essential, then they can also be mulched along with the rest.

Pushover Method

This might sound fancy, but it is simply the process of bulldozing the trees that are on the property. Using heavy machinery, the trees are mowed down, and one upside of this process is that it can be very fast and efficient. This is therefore great for smaller and intermediate areas, as there is no need for specialized machinery here. 

After the bulldozers have pushed the trees over, the holes are filled with the bulldozer or a backhoe. However, the pushover method can be damaging to the topsoil, but it’s the go-to if you have a lot of trees to remove quickly.

Pulling Method

With the pulling method, you are effectively pulling all the trees over instead of pushing them, and the result is pretty much the same. Here, however, the method is to use large anchor chains, which are generally being towed by tractors. 

Once the chains are attached to the trees, the tractor pulls away, bringing the trees down with it. This can be quite time consuming, but it is often a more affordable option than the other methods, which is largely why it remains popular.

Pile & Burn Method

You can probably work out how this method works just from the name of it. This is a very simple option, and a very affordable one, but on the downside it is probably the least eco-friendly, so if you are trying to be more environmentally aware, you probably won’t choose this option. 

Here you clear the land out with a tractor, and then put all the debris into a pile and burn it in a controlled way. You should not do this, however, in particularly dry and hot places, or where it is too windy, as the fire may spread.

Those are just four of the most popular land clearing options you might want to consider.