At Smoot CG, we offer a range of services, some of the most popular being land clearing and grubbing services. Often, this is done primarily to remove debris like rocks, trees, and such in preparation for the development of the property’s ground. However, there could be benefits for clearing land for the sake of it. A common question we’re asked is whether or not clearing the land adds any value, and here, we’re going to look at the answer.

About land clearing

If you have recently bought a property and you’re wondering whether or not you should clear your land to increase its value, it’s important to know what, exactly, you are paying for. Our land clearing services typically involve the removal of rocks and vegetation, including trees, shrubs, and others, from a given area. Usually, land clearing services will be called upon in wooded areas, but if you have a piece of land that hasn’t been properly landscaped, you might want to use the services, then, as well.

Does Clearing Land Add Value?

Does Clearing Land Add Value?

The general consensus is that: yes, land clearing can indeed boost the value of your property by directly increasing the value of your land. Land tends to appreciate well, especially in areas of high growth, and clearing it could be your way to maximize the profit from any given land purchase. But why, exactly, does it increase the value of the land?:

  • It makes your property more presentable: Stray vegetation, such as shrubs, as well as poorly maintained or dying trees, and even rocks or uneven ground can harm the overall “curb appeal” of your land. By clearing these eyesores out of the way, you can increase the interest in, and thus the value of, your property.
  • It makes the land safer: The uneven ground and obstacles that land clearing is designed to get rid of can get in the way of the practical use of the garden, as well. Trees that aren’t well kept can pose a danger to the home and family after all.
  • It makes it a more promising investment: As we’re going to cover, cleared land is much easier to develop on, which will make your land more attractive to those who might have plans for it.

Opening the way for future developments

A lot of the value in clearing your land comes from not the land itself, but what you could potentially build on it. This can include things like landscaping projects, fences and walls, sheds, outbuildings, and much more. Each of these features has their own value add when installed on your property, but you should do your research to see which is most in-demand in your area.

Get your land cleared today

If you want to clear your land so that you can open the way for a construction or renovation project or for any other reason whatsoever, get in touch with our team at Smoot CG. We’re glad to offer the services that meet your exact needs.