Earthworks & Demolition Contractor In Peoria, Arizona

Earthworks & Demolition can be from demolishing buildings to specified projects. Complete Teardown, 
General Demolition, 
Pad Prep & Building
Land Clearing & Grubbing

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Grading is specifically for residential subdivisions, commerical, and industrial property.

Site Preperation

If you are building a custom home, we can help you prepare your site for future construction.

Site Demolition

We can destroy and clear any project big or small, from buildings and barns to trees and shrubbery. 

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Hiring Smoot Construction Group for General Earthworks & Demolition In Peoria, Arizona

General Demolition is exactly as it sounds, the general demolishing of buildings, walls, and structures. We perform general demolition from buildings to walls and shrubbery and trees.
Our demolition is not only for structures but can be used for outer perimeters. We also perform demolition on specified projects and selective demolition to preserve existing structures. We strive to meet the needs of our clients by performing general demolition specified expertise.

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Completed Projects

Hiring Smoot Construction Group for Complete Teardown In Youngtown, Arizona

Complete Teardown is the demolition of a structural building or home with the purpose of using the land for another intended purpose or project. Usually with these projects, the client will seek complete teardown in order to build better investment for their company. 

Complete Teardown is used to increase the appeal for potential buyers, construct a new office or company buildings, or simply teardown old, abandoned buildings. We offer Complete Teardown as an option for residential homes and company buildings.

Hiring Smoot Contracting Group for Pad and Building Preparation In Youngtown, Arizona

Pad and Building preparation are important to prepare your lot for future building construction. This is the basic building blocks of your job site and construction needs it to be spotless! This major step in construction is also the groundwork to help your construction project run smoothly and succeed. If this step is done correctly, your construction experience can run more smoothly and can save you money in the long run if there are no underlying issues with the preparation site.

What is the difference between Pad and Building Preparation?

Building preparation includes the process of land clearing and grubbing which is the process of clearing away any trees, rocks, underbrush, and potentially anything that can get in the way of the foundation. Pad preparation is a slightly raised area of ground that is compacted on this area by a bulldozer. Once the ground is prepared, the foundation is ready to be poured.

Hiring Smoot Contracting Group for Excavation In Peoria, Arizona

Excavation is the process of moving dirt, rock, and other materials from the earth with heavy machinery equipment. We use heavy machinery to clear away large materials such as rocks and large debris. Excavation also includes trenches for foundational walls, reservoirs, and roads. Excavation uses special techniques and tools that Smoot Construction Group can provide.

The process of Excavation will help determine how structurally sounds a building can withhold. Excavation is used in all construction projects such as residential homes and commercial buildings. We can complete any Excavation service you need, whether that be large or small projects.

Hiring Smoot Contracting Group for Land Clearing & Grubbing In Youngtown, Arizona

What is the difference between Land Clearing and Grubbing?

Land Clearing is the process of clearing away any trees, rocks, bushes, underbrush, on a specific piece of land. Grubbing is the process of removing and disposing vegetation or anything rooted to the ground, specifically with uprooting and removing roots or tree stumps. Land Clearing and Grubbing also include anything that can get in the way of preparing your site.

Land Clearing and Grubbing is the main part of the construction process. If you are having trouble clearing your site for future construction, it may be best to get a professional team to help you clear away any debris large or small. We are professionally trained with understanding clearing and grubbing. We can clear away any projects; there is nothing we can’t handle!