Interior Demolition Contractor in Phoenix, Arizona 

If you are looking to upgrade or unfortunately you suffered from a fire or flood damage, this is when you would use an interior demolition contractor.

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Grading is specifically for residential subdivisions, commerical, and industrial property.

Site Preperation

If you are building a custom home, we can help you prepare your site for future construction.

Site Demolition

We can destroy and clear any project big or small, from buildings and barns to trees and shrubbery. 

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What is Interior Demolition?

Interior demolition consists of removing old, worn material from the interior of the building or components of the structure. The process of interior demolition consists of removing all material from the building down to the “bones” or “shell” of the main building. This service is performed on a building that needs remodeling, has internal damage, or ultimately needs to be removed to perform better for the space of the building. For example, an old office building needs to accommodate more staff, therefore, they remove the interior walls to create a more open layout for their business needs.

Why should you pick Smoot Construction Group as your Interior Demolition Contractor?

Interior Demolition has become our main specialty! Smoot Construction Group is a fully licensed and insured demolition contracted company. We have the knowledge and expertise to perform any Interior Demolition for your company. At Smoot Construction Group, we work efficiently to get your job done quickly and to perform the tasks assigned to each job. There are many services we provide in not only interior demolition. We provide services in land clearing, general demolition, complete teardown of any walls or buildings, excavation, and interior demo.

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We are company that accomplishes big projects. We keep our projects on a managed time frame and on budget. 

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What is your availability?

Our availability is for our services are dependent on our schedule with other jobs. We can be on the job 2 weeks after a contract is signed.

What do you need for an estimate?

For Smoot Contracting Group to estimate your job, we need a few items of information! This information can include: civil plans, grading and drainage plans, a soils report, or a site plan.

Where will you travel?

We travel to all areas of Arizona.