If you’re considering laying slabs, whether that’s in your residential property or a commercial space, you may have heard the term “land grading” thrown around. If you’re unfamiliar with what land grading is, it is a key process in various processes – such as laying patios, landscaping, creating a driveway and more – that helps to reshape the ground’s surface. Land grading will make a flat and even surface to work with. The process can involve the removal, addition or alteration of surface or subsurface conditions of land by excavation or filling. 

Here at Smoot Contracting Group, we are professionals in land grading and have the knowledge, expertise and equipment required to complete a land grading project to perfection. Here’s some more information on the best equipment for land grading to help you with your own projects.

Does Land Grading Require Equipment?

Now, you may be thinking that you can grade your land yourself, by hand, using some basic tools. While this is possible, it will prove to be extremely time consuming, hard work that will garner less-than-perfect results. Nowadays, we have access to a whole range of equipment that makes land grading not only more manageable, but also helps to provide more even and quality results. We pride ourselves on our work, so we use the best quality land grading equipment on the market.

The Best Equipment for Land Grading

If you’re wondering what equipment is best for land grading, here are a few examples that will help to create even, clear ground that is perfect for laying slabs.


A motor grader is a long, narrow and wheeled machine that has a grader blade attached to one long, narrow beam that extends from the motor grader itself. The grader blade can push dirt in a variety of directions, helping to create even and flat surfaces, perfect for laying slabs.


Scrapers are a specialized machine that are generally only used for land grading. It is purpose built and, as a result, does a particularly good job. A scraper is an earthmoving machine that actively pushes dirt to the side of itself, creating a windrow of dirt. In terms of dirt collection, the scraper has a large bowl that allows you to easily and effectively move dirt away from the working area. While scrapers were originally pulled by horses, they are now motorized and are often pulled by a tractor.


Most construction companies will have an excavator due to their versatile nature. These machines have interchangeable attachments and you can often find a dozer or grader blade attachment for most models. This can then be used to smooth out surfaces over holes dug by the excavator, creating a flat and even surface.

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