At Smoot CG, we are called upon for a variety of demolition and earthwork services, but one of the most popular is soil excavation services that we provide. However, you may be wondering if excavation is really necessary for your own project or aims. Here, we’re going to look at the reasons that you might want to make use of excavation services.

What is soil excavation?

One of the many services that we offer, excavation typically involves the use of heavy machinery to remove unwanted objects and obstacles from your topsoil. This can include rocks, dirt, large debris, vegetation, and other objects. Excavation can also sometimes include the digging of trenches to later be used for roads, foundational walls, and reservoirs. But why would you need it?

It clears the site of any obstacles

Regardless of what is being built on the construction site, it’s important to clear away the site. Making sure that the soil is cleared away allows you to ensure the structural stability of any project that is completed on top of it. This process can also include land clearing and grubbing services, which involve the digging up and removal of trees and other vegetation, including tree stumps and roots. 

Reasons To Carry Out Soil Excavation

It digs the foundation for future projects

Many projects require a foundation to be prepared to make sure that the structure can remain upright once it has been built. Our excavation services prepare the ground so that foundation materials are ready to be set in. Furthermore, we also provide trenching services, so that any trenches needed for roads, walls, reservoirs, utility lines, and more are put in place.

It makes the worksite safe

Ensuring that your worksite is safe is essential for your project. If you haven’t taken the time to inspect, find, and remove any obstacles, then they can become a tripping hazard, or your machinery can come into contact with them, putting both the machine and its operator at risk. Excavating the ground creates an even and reliable area that your team can do their work on, knowing that there isn’t going to be anything unexpected underfoot (or under the wheels.)

It prepares for septic tank installations

If you’re looking to install a new septic tank or septic tank system, then you’re going to need to make sure that you are able to dig a big enough hole deep enough under the ground to host it. Working with an excavation service provider can make sure that you have the space for any new septic tank system that you’re planning to install, without needing to worry about rocks, roots, or other matter that might get in the way.

Get the excavation services that you need

If any of the reasons apply to you, then you should get in touch with Smoot CG for the range of excavation services that we provide. We can get started in a manner of weeks and ensure that your land is left exactly as you need it.