If you’re looking to complete a renovation or a construction project on your land, then getting rid of what is already on that land can be a vital process. To that end, Smoot CG is the team that you might want to rely on when it comes to your demolition needs.

However, before you get started, you should be aware that permits are required for various steps in many construction, renovation, and demolition projects. If you’re looking to get work underway quickly, then you might be looking to skip the permit process. To that end, what parts of our demolition services can you use without needing to apply for a permit?

About Demolition Permits

If you’re looking to make use of any of our demolition services, including general demolition and complete takedown services, then you may need a demolition permit. Even if you plan on taking care of the project yourself (which is not recommended if you don’t have plenty of experience), you might need a permit.

Demolition permits are typically necessary in all demolitions to ensure that all parties involved are taking the right safety measures to prevent accidents, injuries, and unforeseen damage as best as possible. The process of applying for one usually involves providing a demolition plan to show how the project is going to be carried out safely.

When You May Not Need a Permit

There are some cases in which your general demolition project may not require a demolition permit. You should never make the assumption that you don’t need a permit and, indeed, should check with your local building department before you begin any project, but there are exceptions to the need for a permit.

Typically, the demolition projects that can go ahead without any permits are for small structures, such as sheds, garages, and barns. The reason that you want to check ahead of time is that these buildings can sometimes pose structural concerns when they are demolished. However, your building department should be able to clear any of this up for you.

When you do demolish these smaller structures, you should still make sure that you take care to ensure no nearby property is damaged during the demolition is processed, and that you clear away any debris as quickly as possible to avoid tripping hazards. Your insurance provider should also always be kept abreast of any planned demolitions.

When it comes to larger demolition projects, such as demolishing a house or any other kind of large structure or building, you’re most likely going to require a permit.

Why You Usually Need a Permit

As mentioned, the majority of demolition or wrecking projects, regardless of the building or structure type, are likely to require a permit from your local building department. The single greatest issue that requires a permit is the safety of the project. Building departments require you to be able to demonstrate the safety of the project, from the preparation to the clearance of the debris, as well as how you’re going to stop your demolition from affecting nearby properties. Furthermore, you will be required to show how the project will be compliant with all of the applicable laws and regulations. 

When you apply for a demolition permit, it will usually detail the entire scope of the project up until its completion, including any preparatory steps to be done before it. As such, you should make sure that the project does not grow to include any demolition work outside of that scope.

The specifics of your permit can depend on the nature of the demolition work that you are doing. If there are hazardous materials on the site, then your prep work would have to detail how you are going to remove them, and the permit would then cover the removal of these materials. Any violation of your permit or failure to obtain one before a project can result in fines or even prison time, so it’s best to always consult your local building department before starting any project.

Get in Touch to Get Your Demolition Project Underway

Whether you’re going to need a permit or not, you’re going to need the right team to help you take care of your demolition needs, to make sure that your land is cleared as best as possible before you start your renovation or construction project. To that end, you should get in touch with the team at Smoot CG, and we will let you know which services of ours best suit your needs, getting to work in roughly two weeks.