Site land clearing and Excavation is a complex process. Learn about the different work that is often included. 

Before you start building on a construction site, you need to ensure that the land is prepared the correct way. This requires excavation work to be completed. During excavation, dirt, rock and a variety of other materials are removed using heavy equipment. Excavation may also include other processes from creating foundation walls to building roads and basements. Excavation guarantees that a new property is built on a solid foundation to ensure that there are no issues with structural stability. It is a vital part of the construction process. Let’s explore the different types of work that may be required during site land clearing and excavation. 

What Work Is Included In Site Land Clearing?

The processes required for land clearing will always depend on the specific property that is being worked on. The first step of the construction process involves finding the right piece of land. This may include surveying the land to check for any issues that could cause expensive problems. After a plot of land is chosen, it needs to be cleared to ensure that it is fit for construction. 

This will often include clearing away any debris as well as trees or wild bushes and rocks. The land needs to be completely clear of any blockages. At Smoot Contracting Group we use the best equipment to complete this process. 

In some cases existing buildings may need to be removed from the location through general demolition services

Once obstacles and different elements are removed, the land must be leveled and stabilized. This prepares the ground for any planned construction work. Be aware that you must make sure that the right approvals are in place. For instance, trees on the land may be protected. 

It may also be necessary to complete a site waste management plan. This describes how materials will be handled in an efficient and legal matter. It will also detail how dangerous or harmful materials such as asbestos will be safely removed without any issues. 

What Is Included In Excavation?

Once the site has been cleared of issues, excavation work can begin. One of the jobs required will be completing plans for the excavation. This will detail the size and the depth of the work required. The site boundaries will also need to be marked. 

When a plan is put in place excavation work can be completed. This will start with setting the corner benchmarks. After this, the ground and top levels will be surveyed before excavating to the approved depth. Loose soil will then be dressed and excess soil will be removed. It is important to ensure that soil is stacked in a location where it is not going to impact other construction processes. 

Key Processes Involved In Excavation

There are various key processes and services that may be necessary during excavation. 


This work requires a narrow trench to be dug in the ground. It is necessary for the installation of various key parts of a new building including cables, conduits and pipes. 


The site being developed must be dug to the right and approved level. The correct equipment must be used to ensure that this work is managed efficiently


Dredging requires the use of specific equipment known as dredges to remove any unwanted sediments. During this process, a vacuum is created to pump out and dredge any unwanted material that might be at the bottom of a body of water. 

Site Development 

Site development refers to the work needed to make any improvements that will be necessary to ensure that a site is ready for construction work. It is often the first step that will be taken during the excavation process. It can include numerous different jobs from site gradings to different removals and adding key elements for power and gas installation. 

Each of these types of work will require the right tools, techniques and machinery to ensure that they are completed correctly without any issues. 

In some cases, the excavation may include work to build a crawl space, basement, or both. It’s worth noting that this will always make a construction job more expensive and result in it taking significantly more time. 

Learn More About Land Clearing And Excavation

As you can see there are various types of jobs that can be part of the site land clearing and excavation process. If you are interested in learning more about excavation or you are setting up a project and need expert support, get in touch today. We will be happy to assist you further.