Concrete is an excellent, strong, and durable material to use for foundations as it makes them strong and sturdy. However, a time may come when this foundation has to be removed to make way for new construction.

If you’re facing such a project, you may be wondering how much it will cost to remove the concrete foundation.

Average Cost of Concrete Foundation Removal

The national average cost for concrete foundation removal lies between $1000-$5000 or $2-$6 per sq. foot. This is inclusive of debris removal and disposal.

This cost can vary depending on various factors including:

  • The size and depth/thickness of the foundation.

The bigger and deeper the foundation is the more work required to demolish it. Additionally, a thicker foundation means more time will be spent demolishing it, not to mention the huge amount of debris to remove and dispose of afterward. This will push up the cost of the project.

  • Where the foundation is located.

The foundation’s location has to be factored in when it comes to setting the price for its removal. People in different states often pay different prices for concrete removal. This is largely due to the waste disposal fees as well as the cost of living in a particular area. The higher the cost of clearing and disposing of waste in your state, the more you can expect to pay. The cost increases if the materials can’t be recycled.

  • The accessibility of the foundation.

Another factor to consider is how accessible the foundation is as this has an impact on how complex the project will be. The project costs will increase if the site is difficult for heavy demolition machines to access or if there are obstacles present. This is because the contractor will have to spend more time accessing the site, working around the obstacles, or removing them altogether, increasing the projected completion time and cost.

  • Who you hire to do the work.

Different contractors charge different prices for their services. While you should be wary of those charging too cheaply compared to other contractors, the most expensive ones don’t translate to the best services. The best way to get a good deal is by reaching out to multiple contractors and comparing the quotes they give you. Asking for referrals from those who’ve done similar projects is also a good idea.

Hiring the Right Contractor for the Job

Getting experienced concrete removal contractors for your project is important if you want the job done correctly.

Thanks to being in the demolition business for more than a decade, we at Smoot Contracting Group have the right expertise, experience, and equipment to carefully remove concrete foundations without damaging the surrounding property, drainage systems, or utility lines. We are proud to offer timely, reliable, and affordable earthworks and demolition services in Arizona. Contact us today for a free quote.