You have an acre of land available and would like to set up a new home, expand your existing one or start a commercial venture. Before getting to any of this, you first need to have the land cleared. That involves getting rid of whatever’s on the land as well as leveling and grading it.

The length of time taken to clear the acre of land can range from a few hours to several days or weeks depending on where it is located. How long it takes to clear this land depends on:

The Type of Land to be Cleared.

One of the factors determining how long it would take to clear an acre of land is the type of land itself. For instance, a flat piece of land that’s been used for pasture would take a much shorter time to clear than a rocky one filled with lots of trees and boulders. The latter would increase the clearing time since some of the rocks may need to be blasted, trees may need to be cut and any debris should be cleared before any work can begin. Similarly, land that has numerous large, mature trees would take longer to clear compared to land filled with brush or younger trees. This is because mature trees tend to have deeper roots which are time-consuming to dig up.

How Long To Clear An Acre Of Land?

What’s on the Land?

You also need to consider what’s found on the land. Are there tree stumps, large boulders, or pools of water? Tree stumps take a long time to dig up and get rid of. Stumps cut very low are especially difficult to remove compared to raised stumps or full trees. Stumps often have roots that dig into the earth and these call for the use of heavy or specialized equipment to completely remove.

The Type of Machinery Being Used.

The duration taken to clear an acre of land also depends on the type of equipment available for the job. A professional excavation company with a range of machinery including backhoes, bulldozers, and front loaders will take a considerably short time to clear an acre of land. Smaller companies may have a limited range of equipment and labor and will take longer to complete the same task.

Hire Professionals For the Job

Clearing an acre of land can be a time-consuming, expensive, and difficult process. That’s why such jobs should be left to professionals such as Smoot Contracting Group. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, we specialize in earthworks and demolition services including land clearing, grubbing, grading, and leveling in preparation for construction projects.

We have worked on both large and small projects, and we have the machinery and expertise required to safely and quickly clear out an acre of land. We pride ourselves on offering reliable, timely, and excellent service every time. Get in touch with us today and let’s help your next project become a reality.