Land ownership is a privilege, but it’s also a responsibility. Those who wish to make the most of land they own will often consider construction opportunities, be that developing a home for to live in, a building to help plan the logistics of agriculture, or simply planning their retirement abode ahead of time.

That said, our land is part of nature, and for this reason, it requires careful upkeep to maintain consistent quality, to prevent issues that could denigrate the quality of the land, as well as securing this space so that its original purpose may be realized unperturbed.

Part of conditioning land for a new building involves land clearing efforts, such as those provided by professional and reliable services like Smoot Contracting Group.

Understandably, those who may be new to this process may wonder if preparing land for a new building is difficult, and even if reassured, may feel a little nervous at this new prospect.

The goal of this article is to showcase just how much can be achieved with professional land clearing services, and to what extent your vision can be made a reality:

Inspecting The Land

To begin with, you have to aware of what kind of land you possess, what its features are, including its strengths and weaknesses. Investing in a full land survey can be an essential use of your time at this stage. 

Professional land surveying services map and measure the shape of land, including its specific dimensions. This allows the creation of accurate site plans, marketing the exact boundaries of the property. A land survey should be undertaken before you purchase the land in order to verify the deed of the seller.

Possible Restrictions In Place

City ordinances will often stipulate a range of restrictions and qualifiers before preparing a land for a new building. This can vary dramatically from city to city, and certainly from State to State, depending on the makeup of the natural environment and what protections may be associated with that.

Using Phoenix, AZ as an example, a lower than average amount of trees per person have convinced city officials to restrict the cutdown of trees, outside of the invasive Arizona willow, unless you are provided a permit to do so from the local Planning and Development Director.

Additionally, a land clearing permit is required if you hope to shape the land, such as through levelling, grubbing, and more. It’s best to consult with the housing authority or professional services used to dealing with the housing authority to understand what restrictions may be in place for you, and what applications you need to fill out to qualify you for further execution of your plans.

Clearing The Land

Land clearing is an essential component towards readying it for use. Depending on the prior use of this space, the condition of this space may vary wildly. For instance, it may be that large amounts of trash and debris litter the environment, while old ruins of prior constructions may be present in some form.

For this reason, land clearing services, including professional and safe general demolition, are key to effectively planning this cleanup. 

Logistical planning is key here. Access to the property will be required, as will using waste management tools like disposal skips and more. Depending on the debris left over, heavy machinery may need to be used to break up and transport larger volumes of waste. These services can be invested in, and will provide you a quote ahead of time.

Shaping The Land

It’s also important to consider how the preparation of land for slab foundations may need land shaping as a prerequisite. This could include (but may not be limited to) levelling, grubbing, pad prep and building, demolition, and excavation.

This helps stage the land for the type of property you’re planning to build. For instance, a hope with a sizeable basement area will need careful excavation to run alongside the foundation planning, so that structural integrity is maintained throughout.

If you contact the best land preparation and clearing services out there, all of these services can be added to your final quote and package.

Shaping the land is also the best means to ensure its stability, integrity and long-term condition over time. For instance, supports can be put in place to prevent landfall from occurring. Thorough foundations can be applied inkeeping with the formation of the land, providing the sturdiest slab grounding for a new build.

To answer the question we opened with – is it hard to prepare land for a new building? Provided you use the correct professional services and use the correct data to curate a proper plan, anything is possible, and the result will be more than worth it, despite the work involved.