With land being such a premium item, it should come as no surprise when people want to conserve and use it in the best way possible- especially when it comes to construction.

But what happens when the land you wish to build on was already used before? What if there was a building previously there? Is that land safe to build on?

Well, it depends. Generally, though, there should be no problem building on land that previously had a building on it. You just need to consider the following:

  • The type of building that was on that piece of land. For instance, if it was a heritage or protected building, the area may be protected by law. Parts of the building and even the area itself may need to be preserved so building there may be next to impossible.
  • The state of the site. Again, depending on the previous building, you may have a lot to clear up. This includes demolishing and removing the foundation as well as any remnants of the building. In some cases, you may also have to get rid of sewer lines and other utilities that are there.
  • Additionally, the previous building may have dealt in hazardous materials or produced hazardous waste. Building in that area may therefore be prohibited or you may have to first abate the waste and contaminated dirt before getting started on your building project.
  • If you dig up and remove the foundation or contaminated dirt, you also have to consider bringing in clean fill dirt to fill up the space. This may take more time and increase the cost of the project.
  • You need to get the entire area examined by different professionals to know whether it’s viable to build there or not. This includes opinions from architects, civil engineers as well as demolition experts.

Benefits Of Building On Such Land

Building on such land comes with some advantages:

  1. Infrastructure is already in place especially if the land is in a town or city. This means that there are roads and utilities there already, saving you the cost and time of having these put up.
  2. The project can transform the area. This is true for land that had abandoned or neglected buildings. Tearing these down and building something new can upgrade and improve the neighborhood.
  3. It may also be easier to get building permits to construct on such land compared to an area that has never been built on before.

Talk To The Experts

Whether you’re looking to bring down a building or demolish a foundation before constructing something new in Arizona, you’re going to need the services of demolition experts. At Smoot Contracting Group, we have the expertise and the tools required for such intensive projects. Come talk to us today about your project and we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate plus our professional opinion.