There are detailed steps to follow when putting up new buildings, regardless of whether you’re constructing a home, a hospital, or a high-rise building. For the best results, you have to go step by step, ensuring that the previous stage has been well executed before proceeding to the next one.

Here’s a summary of these construction stages:

What Are Stages Of New Construction?

Concept and design.

Before any type of construction can begin, you first need to get the concept and design done. This means coming up with blueprints, licenses, and permits, ensuring that everything is up to code and that the final construction will be structurally sound.

Site prep and excavation.

This is a stage that Smoot Contracting Group specializes in. It involves clearing the site of trees, stumps, rocks, and other debris and obstacles. Pits and holes are filled in and the ground is then leveled and graded. After this excavation can start. This is where the foundation and any necessary trenches are dug according to foundation plans and the future layout.

Pouring the foundation.

After excavation, you move to pouring the foundation, also known as the slab. This needs to be carefully done as the foundation will support the weight of the entire building. In some cases, you may need to prepare the subsurface depending on the planned building’s size and land stability, before pouring the foundation. Once poured, the foundation is given time to cure before proceeding.

The framing stage.

The next stage is putting up the building’s shell or skeleton and involves installing frames and steel beams that support the structure. During this stage, the building takes shape as the walls, roofing, plumbing, etc. are framed up. After that, pipes, sewer lines, vents, electric wires, water supply lines, and insulation are installed. Once the rough framing is done, the roof can be completed as electricians work on installing sockets, switches, and other electrical features.

Interior and exterior lockup.

After the framing stage, you can now get into the house to finish up the interior fixtures including the insulation, drywall, and ceilings. This is also the stage where the windows, doors, cabinets, elevators, flooring, and countertops are done. The driveway may be formed at this stage although some builders prefer waiting until everything is finished before pouring the walkways and driveway.

Final walkthrough

Finally, the owners of the building are given a walkthrough, shown the features, and updated on the maintenance and upkeep required to keep the building running. This is also a great time to point out anything that needs to be changed or fixed.

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