Building a property from scratch is a large job in itself, and requires arduous foresight and planning. That said, none of that can occur if the land is unsuitable for construction, and so land clearing and preparation should be considered the absolute, first and most crucial step towards realizing that vision. What are the different types of land clearing, then, and how should you plan this project ahead of time?

Depending on the land you own and its prior history, the condition, quality, and renovative work needed for such a space can differ wildly. Due to outdoor land being part and parcel of nature, over time, it can accumulate much in the way of debris, vegetation, and even tree growth.

In this post, we’ll discuss the most common methods of land clearing. We would also heavily recommend using a land clearing service such as Smoot Contracting Group for the full range of serviced offerings in line with local ordinances.

Types Of Land Clearing

What Are The Different Types Of Land Clearing

Cut & Grind

The ‘cut and grind’ method usually begins with cutting down unwanted trees on your land. Note that depending on where you live, you may need a specific permit for the removal of certain trees as they are considered an essential public good and their removal can thoroughly transform the landscape. After these trees are cut down, they will be transported to a second area for processing. Often, the stumps are then ground into mulch or pulled from the roots in order to create a surface area that can then be levelled or excavated appropriately.


Pushover clearing usually requires large and heavy machinery to get right. It involves pushing over trees, roots intact, and carrying them off the land. This can also be applied to large areas of vegetation depending on their makeup.


Controlled burning is often used against thick brush or vegetation that stands no real chance of being removed easily even with heavy equipment. This controlled fire will be planned ahead of time and extinguishing protocols will be in place to prevent it from getting out of hand. Sometimes, controlled burns are regularly scheduled on land where heavy amounts of pollen and brush can be found, as without this, the health of the surrounding trees is not guaranteed. The controlled fires often happen in stages as opposed to one great blaze, and are thoroughly planned for before ignited.

What About Land Shaping?

The best types of land clearing services will provide a range of services you can use in order to provide a cohesive solution to preparing land for construction or even agricultural use. This may require general demolition or complete teardown, land clearing, levelling and grubbing, as well as the use of excavation and certainly pad and building preparations.

For this purpose, it’s essential that you use the most reliable and worthwhile services towards resolving this problem, those with a pedigree of working with the local planning authority to determine the best course of action.
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