Earthworks is a very important part of building roads and buildings. Basically, earthworks deals with any kind of construction that requires the removal of earth, such as dirt, soil, topsoil, rocks, and massive rock formations. Earthworks is a delicate type of work as it can affect wildlife and plant life because there will be a huge change in the vegetation of an area where a structure is being built. When you are an expert in earthworks, like Smoot Contracting Group, you work with companies that know how to build a structure and continue to maintain an ecological balance. 


Earthwork is done in the demolition of a roadway or the restructuring of an already existing road. What happens in this kind of situation is that the road will need to be ripped up, and with that will be the need of ripping up the soil underneath and laying new soil down to repair the road. In a complete demolition, a new roadway may be built alongside an existing road, which means that hills, mounds, trees, and vegetation will need to be taken down in order to form a new path for a road. Smoot Contracting Group is an expert when it comes to being able to do the earthwork necessary to remove the vegetation and level the ground to where it needs to be to put in a new road. 

What is Earthworks In Construction?


A lot of times, there is land clearing to make way for new buildings. When this happens, the ground conditions may not be ideal, so earthwork is utilized to do work using ground soil and dirt to support the structure from the foundation. This enables the building to be more sturdy and more grounded into the dirt and soil. Earthwork is also used to clear the land so that it is grubbed, graded, and leveled to be safe for the building to stand. 

Total Teardowns

Earthwork is also needed when doing complete and total teardowns of buildings. Like with roads, the ground may need to be cleared and leveled for equipment to enter the area and safely take down structures. Land needs to be graded so that large-scale equipment can make its way safely through untouched vegetation to the site. Earthwork never wants to tear down too much of the already existing plant life, so it must be done with precision and complete expertise. 


Excavation is yet another service that requires earthworks and is offered by Smoot Contracting Group. In order to build basements and foundations, certain areas need to be excavated in order to get into the ground to build the foundation. Excavation may require the need of removing large-scale rocks and tons of dirt, soil, and gravel. This process must be done by someone who knows how to effectively get the dirt and rocks out of the ground without compromising the land around it causing the ground to become unstable. 

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