Doing any type of work on your property can be intensive and time-consuming. To get things done right the first time, and to minimize any damage it’s best to hire professionals.

At Smoot Contracting Group, we’ve dealt with all kinds of excavations for both residential and commercial properties. Getting the excavation process right will determine how structurally sound the rest of your construction goes.

Working with Sandstone

One of the types of rock we’ve had to deal with in the past is sandstone. Sandstone is a soft rock that drills easily compared to other types of rock. It is made of compressed silica sand that formed millions of years ago.

When it comes to excavation, you can either use digging, blasting or ripping. Despite it being a type of rock, sandstone can be easily excavated without blasting. Depending on its location, it can be carved or excavated easily provided that you have the right tools for the job. Usually, a hydraulic excavator or a ripper attached to buckets can get the job done.

Having a sandstone rock bed on your property needn’t be a problem. Sandstone is a naturally durable and strong rock that can be repurposed for other construction needs if you so wish. When dug into during excavation, the sandstone often crumbles into regular pieces. Sometimes it is possible to get chunks that are big enough to be used in landscaping or, if they’re the right size, used for paving a driveway. If the sandstone crumbles completely, we collect the sand debris and haul it away.

Once we get your call, we’ll send over one of our experts to survey the area and the job. During this consultation, our representative will determine what needs to be done and the equipment needed and will give you an estimate of the cost so that you’re aware beforehand.

During the excavation process itself, we will ensure that we adhere to all safety procedures and standards. We’ll take great care to excavate in a way that has minimal impact on any surrounding property. Once the job is done, we will clear up the debris and take care of the clean-up afterward so you don’t have to worry about it.

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